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Discstarter 6

Create Professional Autorun Menus for CD, DVD and USB Flash Drives based on easy to create HTML pages!

mirabyte Discstarter
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Discstarter: The solution for autostart CD-MenusDiscstarter is the industry-leading CD menu software for HTML-based autorun CD-ROM menus and front-ends. Many major companies from around the world use Discstarter to successfully implement autostart menus and front ends for software CD-ROMs, E-Learning publications, electronic catalogues, manuals, digital business cards or company and product presentations. Discstarter is also used by many leading magazine publishers for their covermount CD menus.

Use Cases for Discstarter:

CD-ROM Autostart Menu

Autostart Menu / Front-End for CD-ROM / DVD-ROM:
Discstarter's major use case covers all kind of CD menus (also for DVD), e.g. magazine cover mounts, product catalogs, company presentations, digital business cards, handbooks, documentations, online help, e-learning publications, training material, e-books, job applications, software products, driver CDs, etc.
USB-Stick Autostart Menu

Start Menu for USB Flash Drives (Removable Media):
Apart from CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs, another use-case is portable media like USB flash drives which are often used as mass media for deploying offline content, either as giveaway with company or product presentations, for teaching materials or as distribution media for software products. When the user plugs in the USB device, a start menu always makes a good impression. With Discstarter this is easy to create!

Reasons why you should use Discstarter:

More Details... Discstarter has proved itself a million times
Many of our customers (mostly publishers) use Discstarter for CD menus of cover mount CDs and DVDs which are bundled with traditional magazines. Over the years millions of CDs with Discstarter-enabled menus have been created and published. There have never been any technical problems with Discstarter!

More Details... Discstarter provides cross-platform support
Thanks to the full support of HTML, the markup language that is usually used for creating Web pages, you can also run Discstarter menus on non-Windows operating systems such as MacOS or Linux in the default Web browser. This allows you to create your menu content platform-independently without having to stick to the Windows OS.

More Details... All updates are free of charge
When you purchase a Discstarter license, you get ALL upcoming updates for free (updates for life-time). You always get the latest features and new possibilities for free and when a new Windows version is released you can be sure that your menus will still work as expected!

More Details... All Windows versions are supported
Compatibility is one of the major features of Discstarter: No matter if you target Windows 95, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 – even Windows 8 is fully supported by Discstarter! Your menus and frontends simply work as expected and you do not have to care about compatibility issues!

More Details... You can use your favorite design tools
Because all content is created using HTML and CSS, you can use your common design and content creation tools (e.g. mirabyte Web Architect) for your autostart HTML CD menus. There is no need to get familiar with proprietary design tools or authoring systems. Also, in case an external agency creates your content, you can save a lot of money with an HTML-based CD menu.

More Details... Discstarter can easily be extended
Many extensions are available for Discstarter (e.g. the full text search engine) which you can integrate into your menus. A special JavaScript API is also available which lets you access custom code and functionality from 3rd party DLL files (Discstarter SDK). This can for example be used to integrate special hardware devices or database engines.

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How does Discstarter work?

Discstarter is a CD menu creator software that allows you to create professional looking CD-ROM autorun menus, autoplay menus, front-ends and many other kinds of applications based on easy to create HTML pages (including multimedia elements such as videos, Flash, Java etc.). The Discstarter autorun software provides a powerful offline browser application that can be fully customized to your individual requirements regarding the look and feel as well as the behavior of the browser window (cdmenu). The autorun.inf file contains all the configuration options which can be set by the easy-to-use Discstarter Designer tool. Click here to learn more about creating CD menus!

How Discstarter works

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