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FrontFace for Public Displays

Price List:

mirabyte FrontFace for Public Displays License per Player PC
(lifetime license, no recurring license fee)

The software is licensed per player PC installation. The use of the Display Assistant software (for remote content management and administration) is free of charge.

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Special Offer SPECIAL OFFER:
If you buy a license of FrontFace until 31st of March 2015 you get the popular RSS Newsboard Plugin ($ 269.95 USD value) for free!

The License Model of FrontFace for Public Displays:

Basically you only need licenses for your player PCs! The application for creating, maintaining and updating content ("Display Assistant") can be installed for free on as many computers as you want/need. This allows, for example, multiple users to update the screen content remotely from their regular desktop PCs.

  1. A single display attached to a single player PC can be updated remotely from a regular desktop PC.
    You only need a single license of FrontFace for the player PC.
  2. A single display attached to a single player PC can be updated remotely from multiple desktop PCs.
    You only need a single license of FrontFace for the player PC as well.
  3. Two displays are attached to a single (!) player PC (graphics card with two ports).
    You only need a single license of FrontFace for the player PC. On the attached screens you can display the same or totally different content.
  4. Two screens are used, each of them is attached to a separate (!) player PC.
    You need two licenses of FrontFace – one for each player PC!


What is the difference between the Hardware Bound License and the Portable License (USB Dongle):

The feature set of both licenses is identical. However, the Hardware Bound License is tied to the hardware of the player PC, while for the Portable License, the license is stored on a USB dongle. The latter allows using FrontFace as a full version on any player PC where the dongle is currently plugged in. This is the ideal choice if you plan to swap your player PC hardware quite frequently (e.g. at trade fairs).

In case you change your hardware or you plan to replace your player PC, we issue a new license key free of charge if you are eligible to obtain free updates and support (i.e. for 1 year after purchase). If not, you can either renew your update and support period ($ 170.00 USD / license / year) or we will issue a new license key for a service fee of $ 40.00 USD.

Bonus Pack: Coral Reef Aquarium

This carefully cut video clip (infinite loop) shows a beautiful coral reef aquarium with colorful fish and relaxing light effects! It is the perfect choice for digital signage applications in waiting rooms, receptions and lounges to create a pleasant atmosphere and to liven up your regular screen content.


Additionally, optional extensions (plugins) are available for FrontFace for Public Displays. Each plugin has to be licensed only once. You can use the plugins with any of your purchased FrontFace licenses. All plugins are also available as free trial version!

Show all available plugins... Show all available plugins...
Real-Time Weather Conditions and Forecast
Display the current weather conditions plus a 3-day forecast for any location in the world. The theme can be adjusted to match with the other content of your playlist. The weather module is included with FrontFace for Public Displays for free. No extra cost!

free / included
Exchange Calendar
The Exchange Calendar event source plugin allows the integration of Microsoft Exchange calendars using EWS (Exchange Web Services) to start playlists based on appointments in the calendar. Furthermore, you can also use appointments to assign text placeholders in your playlists. This makes the Exchange Calendar plugin a perfect choice for implementing a convenient, time-controlled welcome board for visitors where the actual appointments can be managed using Outlook.

$ 269.95 USD
Live TV
Integrate any live TV channel into your playlists in the same way as normal videos or images using a DVB-S, DVB-T or DVB-C tuner card!

$ 269.95 USD
Instant Messaging
A perfect solution for call up systems in waiting areas or doctors' waiting rooms. You can display an ad hoc text message on the screen while the normal playlist continues to run in the background. You can control the text messages from external systems, with a text file, a Web interface or by using a smart phone.

$ 269.95 USD
Schedules and Timetables
The Schedules and Timetables Plugin allows you to display schedules and/or occupancy plans for rooms either for an individual room or an overview for all rooms. The (live) data for the plugin can be provided as an Excel file or as an Exchange calendar (via EWS = Exchange Web Services).

$ 269.95 USD
The Newsboard Plugin can display headlines and news from any RSS newsfeed similar to a TV-style bulletin board known from various news stations. It is possible to individually customize colors and font styles. If the selected RSS feed also contains images, these are displayed as well. Additionally, subtle animation effects put a an emphasis on the headlines from the feed.

$ 269.95 USD
Accident Statistics Board
The Accident Statistics Board Plugin allows you to show statistical health & safety data (e.g. days since last accident, accident rate, number of lost time accidents (LTA), year-to-year comparison, etc.). You only have to update the data when an accident happens since the statistics are calculated automatically based on the current date.

$ 269.95 USD


Updates & Support:

All updates and full product support within one year after purchase are free of charge! For every subsequent year, you can optionally obtain updates and support for only $ 170.00 USD per license; however, this plan is optional (no subscription!) and you can also continue to use your license without a renewal!


Ordering Information
Secure, SSL-protected ordering with credit card, PayPal and several other payment methods
The entire ordering process is SSL-secured. We support credit cards, PayPal and several other payment methods. The software is delivered promptly by e-mail or by download. You will always receive a fully qualified invoice in PDF format. Purchase orders for company and government customers are available on request.

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All prices exclude EU VAT (if applicable).

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