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FrontFace Lockdown Tool

Protect and Lock Down any Windows PC that is used as Public Kiosk Terminal or for Digital Signage Applications!

mirabyte FrontFace Lockdown Tool for Windows
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Latest Version: 1.3.1 (2015-05-20)
Languages: English, German
Operating Systems:
Windows Vista (32 / 64 Bit) Windows 7 (32 / 64 Bit) Windows 8 (x86)

With which applications can the FrontFace Lockdown Tool be used?

Basically the FrontFace Lockdown Tool can be used with any kiosk or digital signage software for Windows. However, we recommend the following products:

Interactive Kiosk Software:
FrontFace for Public Displays
Make any kind of media (such as images, videos, Websites, PDFs, PowerPoint, etc.) available on interactive, Windows-based kiosk systems and terminals and customize the touch-optimized user interface according to your needs!

Digital Signage Software:
FrontFace for Touch Kiosks
The powerful Digital Signage Software, which allows you to easily setup flexible and very reliable Public Displays and Digital Signage Applications (e.g. advertising or information displays, welcome screens, waiting room TV, etc.)
FrontFace Lockdown Tool
The Windows operating system provides various settings and configuration options in order to lock-down and protect a public facing kiosk PC or to make a PC ready for unattended, continuous 24/7 use like for digital signage applications. Unfortunately these settings are hidden all over the operating system which makes it difficult to manage them from a single point of configuration. Special tools for this purpose like the Windows SteadyState tool from Microsoft have been discontinued or do not work with current Windows versions any more.

In order to fill this gap, we have released the FrontFace Lockdown Tool for Windows: Simply protect a Windows PC with a single click and/or make it ready for an unattended, continuous 24/7 use. The FrontFace Lockdown Tool e.g. allows you to disable certain keyboard keys such as the Windows key or typical shortcuts like Ctrl+Alt+Del, it also helps you to configure a restricted user account that automatically logs on at boot time without entering a password or controls the automatic start of a predefined application. It is also possible to configure typical settings such as standby, screensaver or power saving options with ease. The FrontFace Lockdown Tool is available for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8!


Kiosk Mode: Protect Public-Facing PCs against Unauthorized Access

Self-service kiosks are often in unsupervised locations and therefore need to be configured in a way that unauthorized access to the kiosk software and operating system is prevented in order to eliminate security risks (e.g. malware, viruses, etc.). So for a public-facing PC it is crucial that you protect your public PCs and prevent user access to the operating system. The FrontFace Lockdown Tool allows you to limit access to the operating system and to lockdown the OS by disabling key combinations such as Ctrl+Alt+Del, etc. Furthermore you can limit the usage to a single kiosk application on that PC (e.g. FrontFace for Touch Kiosks).


Configure Windows PCs for 24/7 Unattended Continous Operation

Apart from interactive kiosk applications, long-running player PCs for digital signage applications (unattended 24/7 use) represent another use case where you can benefit from using the FrontFace Lockdown Tool. Automate the boot routine (automatic logon, no password entry, autostart of a given application) and disable features such as screensaver, standby mode or sleep mode that may interfere with a permanently running, non-interactive application.


Easily Deploy your Configuration Profiles to Many PCs

All configuration settings can be stored as so called "profiles" by the FrontFace Lockdown Tool. This makes it really easy to deploy a certain configuration to many different PCs (e.g. if you have to setup multiple kiosk terminals or digital signage player PCs). In additional to that the FrontFace Lockdown Tool can also be used as portable app which means that it can be started right way directly from a USB thumb drive without installation!


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