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NEW:FrontFace® 2.6

The Intuitive and Easy to use Graphical User Interface for Windows-based Netbooks, Tablets and All-in-One PCs!

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Business & IT 1.2011 says: GOOD

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Users  What FrontFace users say:

Matt B. (USA): "FrontFace runs great on my netbook! I now even think of buying a Windows Tablet PC instead of an iPad!"

Sandra K. (Germany): With FrontFace my netbook becomes the perfect tool for Web surfing on the couch - and I can still use my favorite Windows applications!"

New Version: FrontFace 2.6 +++ With many interesting, new features: HD Icons, Picture Browser, Windows 8 support, a new glass theme, application context menu, system widget, ...and much more! +++ Download the free trial version now! +++

FrontFace 2 Video

FrontFace Packshot FrontFace is a visually appealing, super-easy to use application which extends and enhances the Windows user interface while maintaining full compatibility with existing Windows applications. With FrontFace, even total newbies can work hassle-free with a Windows PC while experienced users appreciate the ergonomic, touch-optimized user interface that works perfectly for All-in-One and Tablet PCs with touchscreen. But using FrontFace is also fun on any normal Windows PC or Laptop/Notebook with mouse and keyboard!

What you can do with FrontFace:

FrontFace is optimized for Windows computers with a touchscreen, but brings also advantages on normal PCs, netbooks or laptop computers:

More Details...Touchscreen Interface for Tablets and All-in-One PCs
Windows was developed with classical desktop PCs in mind which rely mouse and keyboard-based interaction paradigms. However, new device types like netbooks, tablet PCs, slates or All-in-One PCs demand for different type of user interface. FrontFace offers you a visually appealing and extremely intuitive user interface without losing compatibility to the huge Windows ecosystem with its many applications! Launching and switching between applications (multitasking) or using quality apps and Web apps. Thanks to the advanced touch features of FrontFace this has never been easier!

More Details...Beginner-friendly Alternative to the Windows GUI
Especially for beginners and users with only little computer experience like elderly persons, children or parents, etc. the normal Windows user interface is not easy enough to handle. The many configuration options and features tend to confuse these users and if something has been misconfigured, they are stuck. With FrontFace you get a user interface that is very intuitive but at the same time also very robust. However all existing Windows applications like e.g. Word, Skype, etc. can still be used with FrontFace. Make your and/or your family’s life easier with FrontFace!

More Details...Stylish UI for your Living Room-, Media- or Lifestyle-PC
The PC is not just a tool for work anymore. It is a modern lifestyle device which resides in almost every living room. Either for surfing the Web or for enjoying multimedia content like digital photos or videos with your family and friends! The intuitive and well-arranged user interface of FrontFace with its App-centered approach makes using the PC as simple as possible and also provides a premium look and feel. The start menu and the desktop may be ok in the office but at home, you should get yourself something that looks better!

Information Hint: Click on the exmaples for more details... NEW: Business Applications of FrontFace...

FrontFace Top Features:

Check Intuitive, easy to use, great-looking graphical user interface (GUI) with support for both touchscreens and mouse/touchpad interaction - perfectly suited for Netbooks (small screen) and Tablet PCs! FrontFace is the perfect Windows tablet software! Intuitive, easy to use, great-looking graphical user interface
Check Supports multitasking, easy application switching and maintains full compatibility to all existing Windows applications (e.g. Microsoft Office) multitasking, easy application switching
Check Personal start page with customizable widgets (e.g. clock, calendar, app launcher, news headlines, etc.) and additional support for Windows 7 widgets Personal start page
Check Application launcher with support for FrontFace apps, Web applications and native Windows applications / Windows Apps (includes access to the Windows start menu and Desktop shortcuts) Application launcher
Check Integrated notification center that aggregates personal information from all over the Web (RSS feeds, e-mail, Twitter, etc.) notification center
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