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Web Architect 10

Create professional Homepages and Websites with ease using technologies like (X)HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, etc.!

mirabyte Web Architect
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Award by webhostingsearch: best web tool

Web Architect includes a free, printable PDF user manual with over 90 pages (included in the trial version setup package)!
Users  What other users say:
Ari Arsyadi: Wow! I think a ‘thank you’ would never be enough as this is a very useful tool indeed. I looked into it and I think the features are both extensive and impressive! Among the wonderful list, the ones that get me hooked are the WYSIWYG text content, SFTP client support, Firefox Preview and the extended clipboard. No doubt this will certainly boost my current work process.

malkhaz: Thank you for this outstanding offer! To have this software is really needful for me because it is one of the best, and will help me to create amazing web pages. Thank you again!

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mirabyte Web Architect 10 is the professional solution for creating modern Websites, Homepages and Web Applications: This Windows Website editor software integrates an extremely powerful Web editor (an HTML editor and CSS editor) with an (optional) flexible Desktop CMS (content management system)!

HTML5 und CSS3 Support Web Architect fully supports the new, innovative Web standards HTML5 and CSS3! HTML5 und CSS3 Support

Top Features of mirabyte Web Architect 10:

Check Powerful code-based Web/HTML editor
Check Supports (X)HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, ...
Check Page preview with IE, WebKit and Firefox
Check Integrated Desktop CMS
Check Intelligent Code Completion

    Check Supports HTML5 and CSS3
Check Secure FTP Client with two-way sync
Check Supports jQuery, Prototype, etc.
Check Modern Office 2010 user interface
Check Code Snippet Management

For whom is Web Architect the right choice:

Mehr Details... Professional Web Designers, Web Workers and Web Developers!
Anyone who is professionally dealing with Web page creation and Web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, XHTML, JavaScript, PHP, XML, etc. needs a powerful and reliable tool that guaranties maximum productivity. Most Web editors are simple text editors with some minor convenience features, but Web Architect offers you so much more: Web Architect supports all relevant Web technologies and languages in a comprehensive and integrated way. But you still remain in full control of your source code which allows you to implement anything in exactly the way you want it! Especially when dealing with search engine optimization (SEO) or the creation of mobile Websites, it is vital to have full control over the source code of your files.
Thanks to the comprehensive support of all relevant Web technologies, Web Architect is more than a simple HTML editor: It is a complete Web IDE that covers all features you can expect from an HTML editor, a CSS editor, a JavaScript editor and a PHP editor in one single application!
Extremely useful productivity features such as the code snippet management tool which is compatible to Visual Studio or the built-in SFTP/SSH client, working with Web Architect is real fun! And the Office 2010-style user interface with its task-centric design really simplifies your life as a Web developer!

Mehr Details... Beginners and Newcomers, that want to create their own Website or Homepage!
Beginners often regard HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) as an obstacle and tend to look for supposedly easy-to-use WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Website editors which totally hide the HTML source code. In fact these applications often output unprofessional-looking and very often even faulty Web pages. Apart from that, the functionality of these applications is, due to their nature, always limited and often prevents the user from implementing individual ideas or concepts.
Therefore Web Architect is an excellent choice, also for beginners that want to get familiar with technologies like HTML and CSS. Web Architect helps you to quickly learn the languages and technologies that make up the Web and gives you the ability to create Websites and homepages that look and feel exactly the way you want. Because you directly work with the source code, you can derive value from countless tutorials and free help resources on the Internet that deal with Web development. You don’t have to learn how to use a proprietary application to do things the way you want: You really learn the actual Web technologies – step by step! A lot of users that started their journey into Web development with Web Architect are seasoned Web developers today.
Learning HTML is really easy and it is absolutely worth spending some hours on it – in case you really want to get into Web site building! With Web Architect you have a really handy and powerful tool that will make a lot of things easier for you and it is fun to use!

Mehr Details... Teachers and Instructors, that need a sound tool for teaching HTML and Web Technology!
Anyone who teaches Web technologies, Web development or Website building, like high school teachers, instructors, tutors or lecturers, needs a good tool to show examples and to allow students to do efficient hands-on workshops. On the one hand software tools for this purpose can be quite complex (and often also expensive) like Dreamweaver or they are too minimalistic (like Notepad.exe) in order to work with them in a comfortable way. Instead of teaching how to use a proprietary application the focus should be on teaching the actual Web technologies and languages (like HTML, CSS, etc.).
Therefore Web Architect is an excellent choice for a didactically sound teaching method for Web technologies. It is easy to use (thanks to the intuitive user interface) and provides full access to the source code without putting itself in the focus. In the same way as autodidacts can use Web Architect to quickly get familiar with the languages and technologies that make up the Web, this application can also be used for teaching Web tech in the context of a lecture or a workshop.

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