Live TV Integration

Easily integrate live TV channels into your digital signage presentations!

The integration of videos, static pictures or other media in digital signage & kiosk applications FrontFace is straight forward. But did you know that integrating live TV channels is also that easy? This only requires a TV tuner card that can receive, decode and feed the TV signal into FrontFace. Since the open source software MediaPortal is used as backend, almost all common TV tuner cards and all broadcast technologies such as DVB-T (aerial), DVB-S (satellite) and DVB-C (cable) can be used. The Live TV Plugin can handle full HD content as well as encrypted channels (requires special hardware)!

Live TV Plugin

Enhance your digital signage presentations by including live TV program and combine TV channels with your own content such as videos, texts, images, a news ticker and even Web pages. The result is your own, fully-customized "TV channel". Typical applications include information screens for employees in companies or screens in waiting and reception areas. Another great use case is TV screens in doctors’ waiting rooms that allow you to enhance information and entertainment content with live TV channels without causing extra effort.

  • Highly Compatible:
    A broad range of supported TV tuner cards and technologies (DVB-T/-S/-C etc.) is coverd! Both PCIe and USB devices are available.
  • Support for Dedicated TV Server:
    Especially larger installs can benefit from the optional TV server to centrally distribute TV signals to player PCs.
  • HD and Encrypted Channels:
    HD channels are supported as well as encrypted channels (may require special hardware components!).
  • Combine and Remix:
    Arrange great playlist with your existing content and integrate live TV channels to create your own, custom program!

The Live TV Plugin is, as all Plugins and the FrontFace software itself, available as fully-functional free demo version so you can try out everything without limitations!

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