FrontFace for Public Displays is a universal Digital Signage Software product. Below is an overview of typical use cases and applications where FrontFace is the best choice:


Schools, High Schools, Universities, Libraries etc.

Schedules, course plans and room occupancy schedules - this is typical information which needs to be made available in the educational environment to pupils, students and teachers. Unfortunately the special, vertical applications which are available for these tasks are not standardized and very often do not come with a useful exporting interface. But thanks to the unique Print2Screen feature of FrontFace for Public Displays you can now create high quality display content with any specialized application that is able to print. This saves a lot of manual work and allows even less experienced users to produce content for your digital blackboard! FrontFace for Public Displays is the perfect choice for digital signage in the educational environment!

Civil Service:

Town Halls, Citizen Centers, Public Authorities, Employment Bureaus

Today, public authorities have to be very service-oriented in regard to citizens and applicants whom they regard as their "customers". - Therefore information about events, presentations, floor plans, signage and notices should also be made available on large screens and information displays. FrontFace for Public Displays can be easily combined with existing systems (e.g. call up systems or guidance systems). And due to the fact that FrontFace can even display entire Web pages (HTML) it can easily be integrated with an existing Intranet (like SharePoint) to display live information on a large screen. This saves employees and civil servants from having to become familiar with new IT systems in order to update content for the information displays.


Doctors’ Offices, Practices/Waiting Rooms, Hospitals, Pharmacies

Especially in waiting rooms of private practices but also in hospitals, pharmacies and other medical institutions, public displays are a perfect choice to inform patients about treatments that are offered and health information in general. In contrast to common "waiting room TV" solutions, FrontFace gives the full control over content and costs. You can integrate your own PowerPoint presentation as well as existing information provided by pharmaceutical companies which is usually available as PDF documents or Web pages.

Real Estate Business:

Real Estate Agents, Shop Window and Real Estate Advertising

Digital real estate advertising in shop windows or animated alternatives for classical "for sale" signs are great ideas which can help to catch a lot of attention! The downside is that composing content for these digital media channels requires a lot of technical knowledge and time. But the Print2Screen feature of FrontFace for Public Displays helps you to solve this problem: You can use any real estate management software that is able to print summaries or leaflets to create content for your display with no extra work! Simply "print" on the screen and save a lot of time, unnecessary manual work and money! It is also possible to easily combine this content with other media such as pictures, videos or a news ticker. FrontFace is the perfect choice if you are looking for public display software for the real estate business.


In-Store TV, Shop Window Advertising, POS Advertising

In-store TV, in-store advertising, digital shop window advertising and POS (point of sale) advertising are only a few examples for the many use cases of digital signage in the retail business. Digital signage helps to catch the attention of customers and to increase sales. FrontFace for Public Displays is a software product that scales perfectly in this field: It doesn't matter whether you are a standalone retailer with a TV screen in the shop window or a large shopping mall store with multiple screens throughout the building: With FrontFace you get a digital signage solution that fits perfectly to your intended use case.

Hotel/Catering Business:

Hotels, Restaurants, Snack Bars, Cafeterias

Welcome screens in a hotel lobby or reception area, display advertising or digital menus for restaurants, cafeterias, snack bars or cantinas: with FrontFace for Public Displays you can easily implement these and many other use cases. Thanks to the large number of supported content formats you can easily get the desired content on the screen with only a few clicks. The built-in Print2Screen feature allows you to even integrate a PDF with a cafeteria menu into your playlists with ease! In addition to digital signs, guidance systems can also be implemented with FrontFace!


Reception Screens, Duty Rosters, Digital Blackboard, Trade Fairs

Enterprise communications in large and medium size companies can be implemented by using various channels and media. Displays that serve as a digital blackboard or notice board with information for employees like duty rosters or performance and sales indicators are a good example for that. With FrontFace for Public Displays you can easily integrate BI and reporting systems in order to show live data and information. Another typical use case provides welcome screens for receptions which can present the latest company news as well as PR-related content or personalized welcome messages for visitors. Thanks to the built-in messaging feature of FrontFace it is possible to send text messages directly to the screen by using a mobile phone or a desktop PC. Announcements of trade fairs and exhibitions provide yet another business-oriented use case for digital signage where FrontFace is an excellent choice!
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