FrontFace for Touch Kiosks is a universal kiosk software application. The following is an overview of typical use cases and applications where FrontFace is the best choice:

Culture, Tourist Information & Education:

Museums, Tourist Information, Schools, Universities, Libraries

Especially for museums and other cultural facilities, the use of kiosk terminals is perfect for providing relevant information and media content to visitors. A use case for interactive kiosk systems is controlling multimedia presentations. In schools and universities, kiosk PCs can be used to provide access to the latest news, schedules, course plans and room occupancy schedules for pupils and teaching staff. For an easy integration of existing systems, it is also possible to directly integrate Web applications into the kiosk interface.

Civil Service:

Town Halls, Citizen Centers, Public Authorities, Employment Centers

Interactive kiosk systems and information terminals in public areas of administrative buildings can serve as a comfortable wayfinding / locator system or as an index for looking up competencies and responsibilities so that citizens quickly determine where they need to go. In employment centers, information terminals can be used to provide an always up-to-date overview of job vacancies.


Customer Information, Digital Catalogs, Interactive In-Store/POS Advertising

In retail, kiosk systems allow customers to individually access information about products without having to rely on sales persons. It is also possible to provide extended information about products, such as currently not physically available models or configurations. Information terminals can also be used to provide interactive POS commercials and multimedia product presentations – a perfect choice for luxury articles such as jewelry, watches or cars.

Hotel/Catering Business:

Hotels, Restaurants, Snack Bars, Cafeterias, Internet Cafés

Besides interactive menu boards for restaurants (indoor and outdoor), kiosk systems can be used as internet surfing stations for guests in hotels or as self-check-in terminals. Guest information terminals that provide information about the location, activities, and special-offers (such as spa or wellness activities) provide a great benefit for both guests and hotel managers.


Employee Information, Visitor Information, Digital Blackboard, Trade Fairs

For companies, kiosk terminals offer a broad range of possible use cases, e.g. directional and information systems for visitors and employees ("digital blackboard"). Especially in recreation and staff rooms, interactive systems can be a great keystone for a successful, internal enterprise communications strategy. Additionally, kiosk systems can be used at trade fairs to provide product information for visitors, even when no representative is currently available.
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