Features of FrontFace for Touch Kiosks:

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    Multimedia Content: Images, Photos, Videos and Audio
    The software supports all common image and video formats (PNG, JPEG, WMV, MP4) and is able to adjust the content according to the actual screen resolution. Audio files are supported as well. Additionally, you can integrate both audio streams (e.g. Internet radio) and live video streams.
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    Fully Customizable Graphical User Interface
    The built-in themes and designs allow you to easily customize the look and feel of your graphical user interface. Even advanced modifications and customizations (e.g. alignment to your corporate identity) are possible!
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    Flexible Navigation Structure: Buttons
    Create nested menus and navigation structures with customizable buttons, your own icons (incl. support for transparency) and text labels with ease! Buttons can be either aligned automatically or manually on the wallpaper image.
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    Unlimited Design Options: Image Maps [More Details...]
    If you need even more design options for creating your own, custom-styled menus and front-ends, you can also use Image Maps instead of buttons. Image Maps are mouse / touch sensitive zones which are defined on the wallpaper image in order to allow navigation in the same way as normal buttons would do!
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    Support for Animated Icons
    Apart from static icons for menu buttons you can also incorporate true-color animated icons with alpha blending (32 bit). No need for crappy animated GIFs that only support 256 colors!
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    Native Document Integration: PDF and XPS
    Integrate any PDF or XPS document easily into your menus with a single mouse click. Documents with multiple pages are supported, too! Furthermore, you do NOT have to install any prerequisites such as Acrobat Reader on the kiosk PC for displaying e-paper content!
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    Print2Screen: Generate HD Content with any Windows Application [More Details...]
    You can use any Windows application that is able to print to create high-quality HD display content. FrontFace comes with a virtual printer driver for this task. Thanks to the vector-based content format, any Print2Screen content looks great no matter what resolution or orientation your display has!
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    Display entire Web pages (incl. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Flash)
    FrontFace is able to display entire Web pages including all common multimedia features such as Flash or Silverlight. The integrated zoom feature allows displaying even normal Web pages on a large screen in full size! Interaction with Web pages is also possible either on touch screens or when a mouse is present!
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    Native Support of Flash and Silverlight
    FFlash content (SWF/FLA) can be embedded in the same, easy way as Silverlight applications (XAP). This allows you to create stunning visual effects and to integrate whatever special functionality you may need for your use case.
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    Support for Plugins [More Details...]
    It is possible to easily add any kind of custom functionality you might require using the free Plugin SDK. This allows you to integrate external data sources (e.g. Web Services) or special types of visualization. Plugins can be used in playlists like any other type of media (e.g. picture, video, Website, etc.).
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    Integration of Apps and Applications
    Integrate any Windows application to allow access to custom functionality or reuse existing (specialized) applications without any further customization directly on your kiosk terminal.
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    Deployment and Content Update (online and offline)
    Because the content management is completely based on the file system, you can remotely update your content using a network share (LAN/Wi-Fi), over the Internet (worldwide) or by using a USB flash drive or SD card (offline plug & play update).
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    Easy Integration of Cloud Storage Services
    Use the powerful and highly reliable infrastructure of cloud storage services such as Dropbox or OneDrive to automatically replicate your content on the fly to remote kiosk PCs over the Internet at no extra cost
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    Integration of Live TV Channels [More Details...]
    The Live TV Plugin (sold separately) lets you integrate TV tuner cards (DVB-T, DVB-S or DVB-C) that can be used to show live TV channels in your kiosk front ends. Due to the extensive support for TV tuner cards you can even integrate pay TV channels (may require additional, special hardware).
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    Integration of External Hardware Components (touch, key-pads, RFID)
    It is possible to integrate external hardware such as RFID readers, barcode scanners, Web cams or key-pads. If you need any help regarding the supported hardware, please contact us
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    Printing and Sharing of Content
    You can allow the user to print any content to a printer which is attached to the kiosk terminal or allow the user to send the content by e-mail (e.g. directly to the user's smart phone).
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    Multi-Screen Support (all screen resolutions and orientations)
    Multi-screen systems with up to two screens are supported as well. You can, for example, show the navigation menu on one screen and the actual content on another screen (a perfect choice for presentation systems!).
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    Eye-Catching Transition Effects
    The included transition effects help you to create eye-catching multimedia presentations even with static content such as text or photos!
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    Digital Signage Screensaver [More Details...]
    In combination with our digital signage software FrontFace for Public Displays, it is also possible to use the FrontFace player software as a regular Windows screen saver. On interactive kiosk terminals, you can easily display custom digital signage content while there is no interaction with the user (i.e. "standby" mode).
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    Optional Onscreen Keyboard
    This feature allows the user to enter text (e.g. on Web pages) even if your kiosk PC does not have a physical keyboard.
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    Multi-Language Support (virtually any language)
    You can create your content and the user interface in any language you want (also languages with non-Latin charsets are supported, such as Cyrillic or Chinese!). It is also possible to provide multi-language content and to offer a convent way for the user to switch between languages while the software is running.
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    Integrated, optional User Tracking
    By integrating the free open source tracking software "Matomo" (formerly "Piwik"), it is possible to track and monitor how the users interact with your kiosk system. This allows you to find out which content is frequently accessed by users and which navigation paths are the most popular ones!
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    Support for Multi-Touch Gestures (e.g. Pinch-to-Zoom)
    Thanks to multi-touch support your users can interact with pictures, Print2Screen content and Web pages in the preferred way as used on smart phone devices, e.g. zooming or swiping.
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    Convenient Setup and Configuration of the Software
    The integrated, intuitive setup assistant helps you to configure the software exactly to your individual needs. Both the setup and the content integration and maintenance are very easy and can also be handled by less experienced users!
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    Easy and fast Duplication
    Do you need more than just one kiosk terminal? It is very easy to duplicate an installation onto multiple computers in a very short time while the content can be different or remain the same or a mix of both.
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    Reliable Protection of the Operating System
    The kiosk mode protects the underlying Windows operating system from manipulations, hacking and damage caused by the user. The free FrontFace Lockdown Tool which is also included, makes configuring a PC as kiosk terminal absolutely simple!

Super Easy Integration of your Content:

With FrontFace for Touch Kiosks you can make any kind of media or content like pictures, videos and even Web pages (incl. HTML5, CSS3, JS, Flash, etc.) available to your users on Windows-based PC hardware in a protected user interface. Thanks to the revolutionary Print2Screen technology by mirabyte, you can even create content with any Windows applications that are able to print (e.g. PowerPoint, Word, PDF, etc.) in perfect HD quality with only one click! This allows you to create professional content without having to learn or use complex tools and applications – simply reuse your existing content produced with your favorite applications.

Content Management, Maintenance and Update:

The content management of FrontFace for Touch Kiosks is fully filesystem-based. This allows you to easily update your content, e.g. over a network share in the local network – no extra tools or server is required! And just in case your kiosk terminal is only connected to the Internet, you can use a cloud storage service of your choice like OneDrive or Dropbox, to keep your content up-to-date from anywhere in the world. On-the-fly offline updating via a USB flash drive without any manual interaction is, of course, supported as well (simply plug & play).

FrontFace Print2Screen: Import content from virtually any application!

The unique Print2Screen feature allows you to create high-quality HD content for your displays with virtually ANY application that is able to print (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Acrobat Reader, etc.). This content looks perfect on any screen resolution or display orientation. Print2Screen is an ideal choice when you need to display content that comes from proprietary backend systems or special applications that do not have a robust exporting feature or API (e.g. real estate management software, applications for employee task lists or schedules and timetables)! More Details...


System Requirements:

  • Any PC with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (both embedded versions and normal version are supported as well as 32 bit and 64 bit editions)
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher (will be installed automatically if required!)
  • Windows Media Player 11 or higher (only required for video playback)
  • Screen(s): 1-2 screen(s) with support for any resolution and orientation (portrait/landscape); support for single- and multi-touchscreens
Windows 10 Support Statement:

FrontFace for Touch Kiosks is Windows 10 Compatible. FrontFace for Touch Kiosks is supported by mirabyte on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education, Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. FrontFace for Touch Kiosks is supported on the following servicing branches of Windows 10 – Current Branch (CB), Current Branch for Business (CBB), and Long-Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) and will be supported for the lifetime of the product.

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