Screen Saver Mode

Use FrontFace for Public Displays as powerful, fully customizable Digital Signage Screensaver!

The FrontFace player application can also be used as a regular Windows screensaver. This is great on interactive kiosk terminals where moving content and information are supposed to be displayed while the terminal is "idle" and no user is interacting with the system!
FrontFace Digital Signage Screensaver
Finally, it is now also possible to not only show pictures but also other content such as videos, Web pages, PDF documents, weather forecast or the latest news headlines as screensaver to get even more value from your kiosk terminal. You can easily update or replace the content or use a timer-based scheduling. All features of the powerful digital signage software FrontFace for Public Displays are also available in screensaver mode.
E.g. you can create an interactive touchscreen front end using FrontFace for Touch Kiosks. When the terminal is idle, and it is used interactively it can automatically show your digital signage content in screen saver mode. By adding a notice such as "Touch me!" or "Please touch the screen!" to your playlist, you can easily engage the user to interact with terminal.
Once the terminal detects an interaction by touch screen, mouse or keyboard, the screen saver mode is stopped, and the terminal returns to the regular, interactive kiosk application that is running on the system (e.g. FrontFace for Touch Kiosks).
  • Fully Compatible with Windows:
    Since the screensaver mode is implemented as a regular Windows screensaver it can be used with any kiosk application. This means that you are not limited to FrontFace for Touch Kiosks as interactive kiosk software!
  • Highly Customizable:
    Display your own, individual content and create playlists with the latest information - always up-to-date!
  • Enliven your Kiosk Terminal:
    If your kiosk terminal is not used ("idle") you can use the screen to attract and engage users by showing moving content and interesting information.
  • Maximum Reusability:
    You can reuse existing content, files and templates. There is no need to recreate existing content to be able to use it with the screensaver feature of FrontFace!
  • Special Bundle Version Available:
    If you plan to use FrontFace for Public Displays and FrontFace for Touch Kiosks both on the same PC, make sure you purchase the special bundle version which comes at a lower price compared to two stand-alone licenses.

Setting up FrontFace as Screen Saver is easy:

Simply create a playlist using the Display Assistant that is supposed to be used as screen saver content. Then install FrontFace for Public Displays on that PC and finally install the included "FrontFace Screensaver.scr" file with a double click as screen saver and define after how many minutes of no interaction the screensaver should start in the Windows screen saver settings dialog and you are good to go!
For more information on how to set up the screensaver mode, please see the FrontFace for Public Displays User Manual!
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