The FrontFace Lockdown Tool offers the following configuration options in order to configure self-service kiosk terminals or digital signage player PCs:

Windows Startup and Shutdown:

  • Automatic logon without password
  • Prevent Auto Logon Override
  • Autostart of an application (either a custom application or FrontFace for Public Displays bzw.
    FrontFace for Touch Kiosks can be selected)
  • Alternatively: Execution of a custom application as "shell replacement" (instead of the normal Windows taskbar) for maximum security
  • Restart Windows Shell Automatically
  • Programmable, automatic daily shutdown
  • Programmable, automatic daily reboot
  • Direct boot to Desktop (Windows 8)

Features for 24/7 Continuous Operation Mode:

  • Activation of the high-performance energy profile (disables standby mode)
  • Disabling the "turn screen black" feature
  • Disabling the screensaver
  • Disabling automatic Windows Updates
  • Setting the background color of the Desktop to black
  • Disable Autorun/Autoplay
  • Disable WPF hardware acceleration
  • Mute any audio output
  • Mute any Windows system sounds
  • Disable Windows error reporting
  • Disable Windows Feedback (Windows 10)
  • Disable Windows Search

Protection and Lock-Down of the Windows Operating System:

  • Enabling the Windows firewall
  • Locking the Windows task manager
  • Preventing that a user can change the password
  • Disabling common features such as "lock", "shutdown", "log off", "reboot" or changing the current user
  • Disabling the Windows system tray
  • Disabling the Windows key on the keyboard as well as the Ctrl+Alt+Del keyboard shortcut
  • Disable Windows Defender
  • Disable Windows Telemetry (Windows 10)
  • Disable Sticky Keys

More Features:

FrontFace Lockdown Tool

All settings and configuration sets can be saved as so called "profiles" which can then be applied on any other Windows PC with a single click. In addition to that you can select to which Windows user account the profile shall be applied to.

The FrontFace Lockdown Tool also comes with shortcuts to shut down and to reboot a PC so that you can execute these commands even if you have previously disabled them in the regular Windows user interface.

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