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mirabyte Web Architect 10
(Free Trial Version & Full Version)
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Version: 10.3.2  (2014-06-27)
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  • File Size: 55 MB
  • Languages: English, German
  • Operating Systems:
    Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • The trial version can be turned into a full version when you buy a license key. All settings will remain!
  • Latest Updates & News:
    • Various improvements
    • Minor bug fixes

This installation package allows you to install Web Architect as a free, fully-functional 14 day trial version. If you own a valid license key, you can activate the trial version and turn it into a full version.

User Manual:

A comprehensive 90 pages user manual is also available for Web Architect. The PDF file is included in the installation package. You can view it by clicking "File > Help" in the application or by selecting the appropriate shortcut that is created in the Windows start menu when you install Web Architect.


Besides the Internet Explorer (the currently installed version is used!) you can also install further browser engines for internal preview in Web Architect. In addition to that, any other browser can be installed as external preview.

Internal Preview WebKit 1.0.5
(like Google Chrome / Apple Safari)
Only for Web Architect Version 10.3.1 or higher!
Internal Preview Gecko 22.0.0
(like Mozilla Firefox 22)
Only for Web Architect Version 10.3.1 or higher!

Simply download and then execute the extension file on your PC. Please note that you have to install Web Architect first in order to be able to install the extensions. Also, please check that your version of Web Architect is compatible with the specific extension you want to install!

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