What is the difference between the hardware-bound license and the portable license (with USB Dongle)?

FrontFace licenses are available in two different flavors: As hardware bound license and as portable license (with a USB dongle).

The feature set of both licenses is identical. However, the Hardware Bound License is tied to the hardware of the player PC / kiosk PC, while for the Portable License, the license is stored on a USB dongle.

In case you change your hardware or you plan to replace your player PC / kiosk PC, a new license key has to be issued in order to replace the old one. Please click here for details...

The Portable License allows using FrontFace as a full version on any player PC / kiosk PC where the dongle is currently plugged in. This is the ideal choice if you plan to swap your player PC hardware quite frequently (e.g. at trade fairs).

Last modified: 2023-12-06 16:09