What happens when the period for free updates & supports expires?

A few weeks before your period for accessing free updates & support expires, our sales department will contact you by e-mail regarding a renewal. You can then decide if you want to extend your updates & supports period (see Pricing for Updates & Support Renewal) for another year or not.

If you do not renew, you can of course still use your existing license(s) without any further costs. However, in that case you will not have access any more to new versions, security updates, the download of the full version and our technical support service that helps you in case of questions or problems with the software.

Our license model and our update policy have been designed to give you the sole decision whether you want to renew your updates & support period or not. In contrast to SaaS products (Software as a Service) you do not have to buy a mandatory subscription in order to be able to use the software.

If you have decided against extending the subscription period for Updates & Support, it is also easily possible to resume an Updates & Support period that has already expired at any time. However, reinstatement involves additional costs depending on the duration of the suspension. Even during the time in which you did not receive updates and support, our products have been continuously developed and improved and you can now benefit from these innovations again. This license model also enables us to offer you updates & support at very favorable conditions!

If your subscription period for Updates & Support has expired and you would like a renewal, you can order this directly in your customer account, just like a regular extension.


Last modified: 2024-04-11 15:32