Problems with license activation

The activation limit has been exceeded:

You might have activated the license too often. In this case, please contact the customer support for an increase of the activation limit of your license. Please remember that a license only allows the installation on a single PC plus one additional PC.

It is also possible to deactivate a license using the license wizard of Web Architect (menu "File | Help | Manage License"). This is recommended before uninstalling the software because it prevents a possible exceed of the activation limit.

Activation of Web Architect 9 does not work (due to TLS/SSL problems):

When you try to activate Web Architect 9 using the built-in license wizard you get an error message that no secure connection to the activation server with (TLS/SSL) can be established. This is because we have revoked this old certificate due to security reasons.

But even though it is still possible to activate Web Architect 9:

Simply open the license wizard and select the option to activate the license "on a different PC" and follow the instructions in the license wizard. Of course, you can perform the process on your PC - you do not need a separate PC. However, this process runs in a browser window and at the end you can download a license file that you can then use to activate Web Architect.

Originally this process was intended for activating Web Architect on computers that do not have access to the Internet. But after the deactivation of the server certificate this is the recommended way to activate the software.

Basically, we recommend to think about an upgrade to the latest version of Web Architect since the new version does not have this limitation and also comes with a lot of new features and improvements!

Last modified: 2017-03-03 09:48
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