The player/kiosk PC boots so fast that the USB license dongle is not yet initialized at startup.

In case your player/kiosk PC boots up so fast that when the FrontFace Player App is launched automatically, the USB host controller is not initialized yet, it can happen that FrontFace starts in unlicensed mode because the USB license dongle has not been detected.

This can be prevented by not starting the FrontFace Player App directly during the auto start sequence but a little batch script instead that delays the start of the actual FrontFace Player App.

Simply create a text file named "Start FrontFace.cmd" using the Windows text editor Notepad.exe and paste in the following text:

@echo off
START "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\mirabyte\FrontFace\FrontFace Player.exe"

Then save that file and create a shortcut in the auto run folder of the Windows start menu to this batch file.

The number behind the TIMEOUT command is the number of seconds that the script will wait before is continues execution. You may need to change this value in order to give your system enough time to boot up and to initialize the USB host controller. In this example, FrontFace is started afterwards.

The same technique can also be used in case other system component of your PC are not fully initialized when FrontFace starts (e.g. a Wi-Fi connection).

Last modified: 2021-12-13 16:47