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How to install Plugins for FrontFace for Public Displays/Front Face for Touch Kiosks?

Simply download the desired plugin file (*.ffapx) from our Website and save it locally on your PC. Then select it in the plugin installer of the Display Assistant/Kiosk Assistant! For detailed instructions on how to install a plugin, please see the user manual.

Important: During the installation process of a plugin, you are being prompted if you also want to store the “additional files” of the plugin. You should select “Yes” in order to be able to select a folder where to store files such as the user manual of the plugin and other files like e.g. sample documents. In case you have skipped this step during installation but want to access the additional files now, please simply reinstall the plugin again.

If you have bought a full version of a plugin, simply re-install it in the Display Assistant/Kiosk Assistant. This will automatically replace the previously installed trial version.

Last modified: 2019-03-15 11:31
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