FrontFace 4.0 New!

(Digital Signage & Kiosk Software)
FrontFace (Packshot)
The powerful Digital Signage Software, which allows you to easily setup flexible and very reliable Public Displays and Digital Signage Applications (e.g. welcome screens, advertising or information displays, waiting room TV, etc.)
  • Welcome boards and reception screens
  • Information screens (e.g. for companies, public authorities, schools, universities, etc.)
  • Way finding systems, room occupancy plans and schedules
  • Waiting room TV for medical surgeries
  • Digital advertising at the POS and in shop windows
  • Info screens for gyms and fitness clubs
  • Digital info board for accident statistics
  • Player system for video walls and LED walls
  • u.v.m.

Further Products:

FrontFace for Touch Kiosks (Packshot)

FrontFace for Touch Kiosks

(Interactive Kiosk Software)
Make any kind of media such as images, videos, Websites, PDFs, PowerPoint, etc. available on interactive, Windows-based kiosk PCs or terminals and individually customize the touch-optimized interface for an excellent user experience!
  • Touch information terminals for hotels, tourism, city marketing, etc.
  • Interactive information system for employees (e.g. company news, production data, accident statistics, safety instructions ...)
  • Digital product catalog for retail, self-service, field services or at trade shows
  • Information terminals for museums and exhibitions
  • Graphical media and control consoles
  • Interactive product presentations
  • ...
FrontFace for Public Displays (Packshot)

FrontFace for Public Displays

(Digital Signage Software)
For our existing customers we continue to provide also FrontFace for Public Displays. However, the new FrontFace 4.0 is even more powerful and offers more functionality!
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