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Version: 4.7.5  (05/23/2024)   New
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  • File Size: 489 MB
  • Languages: English, German, French
  • System Requirements: Windows 10/11, Android 7.1-12.1, (macOS)
  • Feature overview matrix showing the differences between the Windows and Android version.
  • We recommend downloading and installing the LAVFilters Codec Pack for best video playback compatibility and performance.
  • The 14-day trial version can be updated to the full version. Your configuration will not get lost when purchasing a license!
  • The FrontFace Lockdown Tool for provsioning and securing player and kiosk PCs with Windows operating systems is included in the installation package!
  • Most important changes in this version:
    • Improved Android App
    • Hot Folder: Support for default content in empty Hot Folders
    • Chromium Web Browser Engine updated
    • General improvements
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Download Plugins:

Additional, specific functionality is provided as plugins for FrontFace (only available for the Windows version!). These plugins are also available for download as free trial versions. For pricing information, please see Price Information

Content Plugins Content Plugins:

Content Plugins can be used inside of playlist or touch menu pages to display custom content or visualize data in a certain way on the screen!
Trial Version
Displays schedules, appointments or room occupancy plans from external calendar systems or room booking systems.
Trial Version
A news board for displaying news and headlines from RSS feeds.
Trial Version
Dashboard for visualizing various data sources.
Power BI
Trial Version
Allows the integration of Power BI reports and dashboards in FrontFace Playlists and Touch Menus.
Excel Viewer
Trial Version
Allows the integration of Excel files in FrontFace Playlists and Touch Menus.
Accident Statistics
Trial Version
Accident statistics visualization for industrial plants and production sites.
Trial Version
An (interactive) quiz game (including 100 questions and a custom quiz editor).
Doodle Board
Trial Version
A sheet of "virtual" paper on which children can draw and paint.
Tag Cloud
Displays rotating, animated words as a tag cloud.
Sticky Note
An (optionally) interactive sticky note with support for text and pen.

Event Source Plugins Event Source Plugins:

Event Source Plugins are used to trigger playlists or touch menus when an event occurrs, such as a calendar appointment that becomes due or a sensor that fires!
Calendar Trigger
Trial Version
Automatically start a playlist, e.g. for a personalized welcome message, based on events from an (external) calendar.
Triggers a playlist as screensaver when there is no interaction.

Service Plugins Service Plugins:

Service Plugins run directly in the Player and can, for example, execute background tasks or provide additional functionalities.
Trial Version
Usage and Content Tracking with FrontFace.
Remote Control
Trial Version
Allows you to remotely control the FrontFace player using a mobile app (for Windows, Android and iOS).