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Version: 4.4.9  (2021-11-10)
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  • File Size: 398 MB
  • Languages: English, German, French
  • Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 11, alternatively: Android 7.1 or higher
  • System Requirements: .NET Framework 4.8
  • Feature overview matrix showing the differences between the Windows and Android version.
  • We recommend downloading and installing the LAVFilters Codec Pack for best video playback compatibility and performance.
  • The 14-day trial version can be updated to the full version. Your configuration will not get lost when purchasing a license!
  • The FrontFace Lockdown Tool for provsioning and securing player and kiosk PCs with Windows operating systems is included in the installation package!
  • Most important changes in this version:
    • Support for Windows 11.
    • Preview now also supports systems with very high DPI values.
    • Fixed an issue with embedding media objects as shortcuts.
    • Various improvements and fixes.
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Download Plugins:

Additional, specific functionality is provided as plugins for FrontFace (only available for the Windows version!). These plugins are also available for download as free trial versions. For pricing information, please see Price Information

Content Plugins Content Plugins:

Content Plugins can be used inside of playlist or touch menu pages to display custom content or visualize data in a certain way on the screen!
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    Calendar (Trial Version)
    FrontFace Plugin
    The Calendar Plugin allows you to display calendar data such as schedules and/or occupancy plans for rooms either for an individual room or an overview for all rooms. The (live) data can be provided as Excel file, as iCalendar ICS file, using an Exchange server (via EWS = Exchange Web Services), Exchange Online (Office 365), SharePoint or using a calendar that is hosted on a Lotus Notes Domino server. The appointments from the calendar can be visualized in many ways such as a table view, a day, week, month or agenda view or as “digital door sign”.
    Supported by FrontFace for Android Supported by FrontFace for WindowsVersion: 4.5.7Read Manual  Download Plugin
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    Newsboard (Trial Version)
    FrontFace Plugin
    The Newsboard Plugin can display headlines and news from any RSS newsfeed similar to a TV-style bulletin board as seen at various news stations. It is possible to individually customize colors and font styles. If the selected RSS feed also contains images, these are displayed as well. Additionally, subtle animation effects highlight the headlines from the feed.
    Supported by FrontFace for WindowsVersion: 4.1.2Read Manual  Download Plugin
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    Dashboard (Trial Version)
    FrontFace Plugin
    The Dashboard Plugin allows the easy visualization of any kind of data, figures or measures for various purposes with a table or tile-based layout. An XML file serves as data source that either resides in the file system (either locally or on a network share) or on a Web server (access via HTTP). This way, you can easily integrate e.g. backend database systems, SCADA or BI software.
    Supported by FrontFace for WindowsVersion: 4.0.4Read Manual  Download Plugin
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    Live TV (Trial Version)
    FrontFace Plugin
    This plugin allows you to integrate live TV channels via DVB-C/S/T into your playlists and menus from a TV tuner card.
    Supported by FrontFace for WindowsVersion: 4.0.1Read Manual  Download Plugin
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    Accident Statistics (Trial Version)
    FrontFace Plugin
    The Accident Statistics Board Plugin allows you to show statistical health & safety data (e.g. days since last accident, accident rate, number of lost time accidents (LTA), year-to-year comparison, etc.). You only have to update the data when an accident happens since the statistics are calculated automatically based on the current date.
    Supported by FrontFace for WindowsVersion: 4.0.4Read Manual  Download Plugin
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    Quiz (Trial Version)
    FrontFace Plugin
    The Quiz Plugin lets you run a trivia quiz game similar to popular TV game shows. It even supports interactivity! 100 ready-to-use questions are already included with the full version. Using the included question database editor, you can also create your own questions and answers.
    Supported by FrontFace for WindowsVersion: 4.0.4Read Manual  Download Plugin
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    Doodle Board (Trial Version)
    FrontFace Plugin
    The Doodle Board Plugin provides a sheet of "virtual" paper on which children can draw and paint using various colors and brushes. This plugin is perfectly suited for entertaining children, e.g. in waiting rooms.
    Supported by FrontFace for WindowsVersion: 4.0.4Download Plugin
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    Tag Cloud (Free Free)
    FrontFace Plugin
    Displays rotating, animated words as a tag cloud. Using this plugin, you can put a spotlight on certain buzz words and, at the same time, liven up your screen presentation easily.
    Supported by FrontFace for WindowsVersion: 4.0.3Download Plugin
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    Sticky Note (Free Free)
    FrontFace Plugin
    The Sticky Note Plugin can show a sticky note that either supports normal text or pen/ink (on touch screen systems). You can use the plugin to display text messages in a sticky note style or as a mini collaboration tool where users can leave messages or notes on the screen.
    Supported by FrontFace for WindowsVersion: 1.0.4Read Manual  (Included in the FrontFace setup package!)

Event Source Plugins Event Source Plugins:

Event Source Plugins are used to trigger playlists or touch menus when an event occurrs, such as a calendar appointment that becomes due or a sensor that fires!
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    Calendar Trigger (Trial Version)
    FrontFace Plugin
    The Calendar Trigger event source plugin allows the integration of Microsoft Exchange calendars (via EWS = Exchange Web Services), Exchange Online (Office 365), SharePoint, Lotus Domino Calendars, ICS iCalendars (e.g., Google Calendars) or Excel to start playlists based on appointments in the calendar. Furthermore, you can also use appointment data to assign text placeholders in your playlists. This makes the Calendar Trigger plugin a perfect choice for implementing a convenient, calendar-controlled welcome board for visitors where the actual appointments can be managed using Outlook, Lotus Notes, Google Calendar or Excel.
    Supported by FrontFace for WindowsVersion: 4.5.6Read Manual  Download Plugin
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    Remote Control (Trial Version)
    FrontFace Plugin
    The Remote Control Event Source Plugin allows you to directly start playlists ad hoc on your player PCs. You can also fill placeholders with appropriate values on the fly or display instant onscreen notifications on the screen. With this plugin you can e.g. make welcome messages for visitors appear instantly on the screen, as a visitor arrives or implement call-up systems, e.g. for waiting rooms. The included Remote Control App (EXE for Windows and also as HTML5 App for smart phones and tablets) allows you to control the player PC remotely from any PC or tablet or you can integrate your own systems/applications by using the RESTful Web service API that is also provided by this plugin. For more information, please see the included PDF manual!
    Supported by FrontFace for WindowsVersion: 4.1.1Read Manual  Download Plugin
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    Screensaver (Free Free)
    With the screensaver plugin you can start any playlist automatically after a freely closable period of time without interaction (touch, mouse or keyboard). As soon as the screen is touched again, the playlist disappears and the previous content (e.g. a touch menu) is displayed. This way, you can enhance a terminal with a multimedia digital signage screensaver and use the screen to present information and content even when is no interacting!
    (Included in the FrontFace setup package!)

Information Please also read the information about installing plugins!

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