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How to install Plugins?

Simply download the desired plugin file (*.ffapx) from our Website and select it in the plugin installer of the Display Assistant! For detailed instructions on how to install a plugin, please see the user manual "Installing and Using Plugins".

Notice: The latest version of FrontFace for Public Displays offers an automatic plugin installer. However, if you want to install a plugin manually or with older versions (<3.8.0) of FrontFace (by copying the DLLs files), this is still supported. Simply rename the file extension from .ffapx into .zip.
The ZIP file then contains, among a user manual, also a folder which has the same name as the plugin (e.g. "\Schedule\"). This folder contains the actual plugin that consists of one or multiple DLL file(s) and also sometimes additional accompanying files and sub folders. In order to install the plugin you should know how to copy files using the Windows File Explorer and how to generally handle ZIP files.

Manual plugin installation with FrontFace for Public Displays:
With FrontFace for Public Displays you have basically two options how to install the plugin:

a. Installation only for a specific project:
In order to install the plugin, please extract the entire folder with the name of the plugin and all of its files and sub folders into the folder "\Plugins\" inside your FrontFace for Public Displays project folder. The plugin is then available for all users of the Display Assistant that work on this project on all PCs and also on the player PC(s).

b. Installation for all projects on a PC:
You can extract the folder with the plugin into the folder "\Plugins\" inside the FrontFace for Public Displays installation folder (by default this is "C:\Program Files (x86)\mirabyte\FrontFace for Public Displays\"). In this case, you can use the plugin with all newly created projects on this PC and also with previously created projects if you first run the "Update Templates & Plugins"
upgrade process in the Display Assistant. After that, the plugin is available for all users of the Display Assistant that work on this project on all PCs and also on the player PC(s).

Installation of Event Source Plugins: The installation process of event source plugins is the same as for content plugins as described above. The only difference is that you have to copy the DLL files into the folder "\Plugins\Event Source\" of your project or installation folder.

Notice: If you have previously downloaded the trial version of the plugin and have installed it as described in this manual, you have to replace the DLL files of the plugin with the corresponding ones of the full version (that also ships as ZIP archive) in order to get the full version running. The procedure is exactly the same as with the trial version, except that you overwrite the existing files with the ones of the full version. If you already used the plugin in your project, all settings from the trial version will remain!

Last modified: 2016-08-09 11:09
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