The following matrix gives you an overview of all FrontFace features. You can also see whether a particular feature is only available for the Windows Player App (Windows) or also for the Android Player App (Android). It is also indicated whether the respective feature requires an additional plugin or is included in the standard range of functions of FrontFace:

Feature Windows Android Remarks
FrontFace Assistant (CMS)
  FrontFace Assistant (Windows application) for comfortable editing and maintenance of projects and content  
  Project management for an unlimited number of projects  
  User interface and user manual available in German and English  
  Remote monitoring of the player PC(s) (live screenshot and log)    
  Optional Expert Mode with enhanced functionality  
  Multi-user support with dedicated access rights management can optionally be enabled if required
FrontFace Player App
  Digital Signage Playlists (non-interactive)  
  Touchscreen menus (interactive)    
  Hardware accelerated transition effects  
  Display images (JPEG, PNG, etc.) and slide shows with optional MotionZoom and blurring effects  
  View videos (MP4, WMV, etc.) including audio  
  Display of PDF and XPS documents  
  Display of formatted text  
  Support for placeholders in texts  
  Support for embedding playlists in other playlists  
  Display of QR codes (web link, business card, text, etc.)  
  Display of vector graphics (SVG)  
  Display of colored areas and complex color gradients  
  Scrolling news ticker (RSS news feed or free text)  
  Weather display (current location and 3-day forecast)  
  Display of date and time (analog & digital) as well as timer and countdown functions  
  Visualization of countdowns by means of a progress bar    
  Print2Screen (Integrate content from any Windows application using the print function)  
  Hot Folder (integrate network drives or network shares in "live" mode)    
  Integration of content as dynamic link (via net share or URL) (✔) on Android only via URL
  Display of video streams  
  Display of calendar data and appointments from Exchange, Notes, Excel, iCal and SharePoint requires Calendar plugin
  Support for plugins (✔) only "Calendar" plugin is also available for Android
  Plugin SDK for developing your own plugins  
  Integration of external apps and applications (EXE files)    
  Support for audio files (e.g. background music) and audio streams (Internet radio)    
  Interactive audio control (volume up/down, mute)    
  Integration of live TV channels using a TV tuner card   requires Live TV plugin
  Screen saver function (for interactive terminals)    
  Support of multi-touch gestures (e.g. pinch-to-zoom)    
  Optional onscreen keyboard    
  Print function (printout on default printer)    
  Sending content by e-mail ("sharing feature")    
  Sticky note function (can also be used interactively)   requires (free) Sticky Note plugin
  Multi-language support (especially for touch menus)    
  Support for Unicode characters and RTL / LTR (e.g. Chinese, Arabic, etc.)  
  Control of the visibility of pages (manual or time-controlled)  
  Access protection for pages by password or RFID/barcode/chipcard    
  Support of actions (extended control options)    
  Click2Zoom Function (Tap on media object to view in full-screen mode)    
  Click actions (invoking functions )    
  Mixed operation: desktop PC with output on second screen/TV    
  Time-based scheduling of content using timers (including repetitive patterns)  
  Event-based scheduling of content using event sources    
Layouts and Screen Partitioning
  Support of any screen resolutions (including full HD and 4K) and orientations  
  Flexible scaling and adjustment of media objects during playback  
  Multi-player and multi-screen support (✔) only one screen per player on Android
  Support for video walls and LED video matrix walls    
  More than 70 included layouts for arranging content and media  
  Integrated layout editor for your own layouts  
  Freely customizable screen layout (split screen)  
  Rotatable containers (360°) in layouts    
  Various themes for buttons in touchscreen menus    
  Image Map function and free placement of buttons in touch menus    
Integration of Web Pages
  Display websites (modern Chromium-based HTML5 browser engine)  
  Alternatively, websites can be displayed in Internet Explorer    
  Support of websites with password protection (BasicAuth, Forms-based or client certificate authentication)  
  Scripting of websites using JavaScript (e.g. for removing cookie banners)  
  Support of SSL/TLS-encrypted websites (https)  
  Download & opening of files optionally supported in the browser    
  Display PDF files directly in the browser    
Typical Use Cases and Applications
  RSS news board with support for pictures   requires Newsboard plugin
  Dashboard / shop floor board for the visualization of key figures and data   requires Dashboard plugin
  Display of accident statistics (such as "No accident for x days.")   requires Accident Statistics plugin
  Quiz (with your own questions, interactively and non-interactively)   requires Quiz plugin
  Interactive painting app for kids   requires Doodle Board plugin
  Controlling of playlists via app or smartphone and "call-up systems"   requires Remote Control plugin
  Controlling of playlists with an external calendar (Exchange, Notes, SharePoint, etc.) with support for placeholders   requires Calendar Trigger plugin
  Personalized reception and welcome screens    
  Digital black board  
  Digital menu boards  
Supported Update Methods (Publishing)
  All-In-One (Standalone Installation)    
  Local Network (directly)    
  Local Network (with File Server or NAS)  
  Over the Internet (Cloud) cloud storage service is required
  Over the Internet (Web Server) self-hosted or hosted web server required
  Offline (via USB thumb drive) requires manual restart on Android
Tools & Extras
  FrontFace Lockdown Tool    
  Hardware-bound License  
  Portable License (with USB Dongle)