Hot Folder

Perform instant, "live" content updates on your digital signage screen, simply by changing files in a folder!

There are many cases where digital signage content needs to be updated frequently, e.g. when it comes to room occupation plans, schedules, tables or production or business figures. In order to keep efforts low, FrontFace comes with a cool feature called "Hot Folder". You can simply store files that require frequent updates in a folder that has been defined as "Hot Folder" in the FrontFace software before, which can be located e.g. on a network share or a NAS server. In your FrontFace playlists or touchscreen menus you can then embed the Hot Folder in the same way as any other content object.

Hot Folder

As soon as the playlist page with the Hot Folder object appears on the screen, the files in the Hot Folder get enumerated and are shown instantly. You can define the display duration per file and also multi-page file formats (such as PDF) are fully supported. This makes updating content on your digital signage screens so easy that anyone who is granted access to the Hot Folder can perform this task without any further requirements or special training!

The Hot Folder feature supports the following file formats:

  • Images (JPEG, PNG)
  • Videos (WMV, MP4, MOV, ...)
  • XPS Files
  • PDF Files
  • HTML Files

  • Frequent Content Updates:
    Files that require constant updates can always be shown in an up-to-date version on the screen!
  • Perfect for untrained Users:
    Updating content in a Hot Folder just requires access to this folder - no further software or skills are needed!
  • Updating Content on the Fly:
    Adding, deleting or updating files in a Hot Folder is reflected instantly on the screen!
  • Support for Automation:
    By using a batch file or other scripting tools such as PowerShell you can even automate content updates!

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