FrontFace Plugin SDK

Enhance FrontFace with custom functionality on demand or simply program your own plugins using the free Plugin SDK!

FrontFace contains a plugin interface which allows extending the applications with custom functionality. Apart from some ready-to-use plugins that are already available for various use-cases and vertical applications, there is also the free Plugin SDK (software development kit) that allows you to implement your own, custom plugins for FrontFace if you are familiar with programming languages such as C# or VB.NET.

Integration of calendar data in FrontFace     Plugin Software Development Kit (SDK)

Plugins can not only be used to enhance FrontFace with custom, extra functionality but also to integrate the software with other, external systems, data or hardware devices. A plugin can e.g. access a database and then visually present that data on the screen in a fully customizable way.

  • Many Plugins Available:
    Choose from the many, ready-to-use plugins that are already available for download!
  • Free Plugin SDK:
    Develop your own, custom plugins with .NET Framework 4.7 and WPF using programming languages like C# or VB.NET.
  • Compatibility with FrontFace:
    Plugins can be used with both interactive (touch menus) and non-interative (playlists) content of FrontFace!
  • Perfect Integration:
    Plugins are the perfect way to integrate 3rd party systems or data into FrontFace without having to make any compromises!

The major advantage of the plugin interface is that no modifications of the FrontFace software itself are required to add new functionality. This helps to keep the software clean and easy to use but still allows enhancing the product with custom functionality, even for very specialized, vertical use cases. This architectural approach helps you to save money as well since only the required extra functionality needs to be implemented individually whereas the broad foundation of the FrontFace products can be used out-of-the box at no extra costs!

The Plugin SDK supports both Content Plugins as well as Event Source Plugins that can be used to control and to personalize playlists. Using these plugins, it is e.g. possible to integrate an external Exchange calendar with FrontFace in order to automatically operate a digital welcome board that welcomes visitors with a personalized welcome message containing their names!

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