An overview of all features and the differences between the Windows and Android versions of FrontFace can be found in the feature overview matrix.

FrontFace für Windows
for Windows
Feature License for one player PC Info
(supports also multiple screens)

Feature FrontFace Assistant includedInfo
(for content management)

Feature Full range of features Info
(includes interactive touch functions)

Feature Perfectly suited for all use cases and applications
for Android
Feature License for one player device Info
(only one screen)

Feature FrontFace Assistant includedInfo
(for content management)

Feature Lower scope of features Info
(i.a. no interactive touch support)

Feature Recommended for simple and smaller use cases

For stair pricing (starting at 3 licences) please click on "Buy Now!" or "Quotation"!

You get a lifetime license with no recurring license fees!

You may also download a fully-functional, free trial version to evaluate the software without limitations!


Additionally, various plugins (optional extensions) are available for FrontFace. Each plugin has to be licensed only once per customer. You can use the plugins with any of your purchased FrontFace licenses! All plugins are also available as free trial version! Plugins can currently ONLY be used with the Windows version of FrontFace!

The price for the plugins is stated in our Webshop. Existing customers, can also buy plugins separately.

Updates & Support:

All updates and full product support by e-mail within one year after purchase are free of charge! For every subsequent year, you can optionally obtain updates and support as well (more information and pricing). However, this plan is optional (no subscription!) and you can also continue to use your license without a renewal without any running costs!

*) All prices exclude EU VAT (if applicable).