FrontFace for Windows
for Windows
Feature Perpetual license for one Player PC
(supports also multiple screens)

Feature FrontFace Assistant included
(for content management)

Feature Full range of features
(includes interactive touch functions)

Feature Perfectly suited for all use cases and applications
FrontFace for Android
for Android
Feature Perpetual license for one Android Device
(only one screen)

Feature FrontFace Assistant included
(for content management)

Feature Lower scope of features
(i.a. no interactive touch support)

Feature Recommended for simple and smaller use cases
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In addition, there are various optional extensions available for FrontFace. Plugins only need to be licensed once (per customer) and can then be used with all FrontFace licenses that you have purchased! All plugins are also available as a free trial!

Plugins can also be ordered separately afterwards.


A news board for displaying news and headlines from RSS feeds.
-,-- €


Displays schedules, appointments or room occupancy plans from external calendar systems or room booking systems.
-,-- €

Calendar Trigger

The Calendar Trigger Plugin allows you to start a playlist automatically (scheduled by your calendar).
-,-- €

Excel Viewer

Allows the integration of Excel files in FrontFace Playlists and Touch Menus.
-,-- €

Remote Control

Allows you to control the FrontFace player remotely.
-,-- €


Usage and Content Tracking with FrontFace.
-,-- €


Dashboard for visualizing various data sources.
-,-- €

Power BI

Allows the integration of Power BI reports and dashboards in FrontFace Playlists and Touch Menus.
-,-- €

Accident Statistics Board

Accident statistics visualization for industrial plants and production sites.
-,-- €


An (ineractive) quiz game.
-,-- €

Doodle Board

A sheet of "virtual" paper on which children can draw and paint.
-,-- €

As a new customer, you will receive all updates and our technical support free of charge for the first year from the date of purchase! For subsequent years you can obtain updates & support as an option. The costs depend on the total number of your licenses .

Tip: Alternatively, you can already choose an automatic renewal, which you can cancel at any time without notice.

--,-- €

Updates & support for free for one year!

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