mirabyte FrontFace Digital Signage Software

The digital signage software FrontFace provides a lot of ways to display and control information and content on screens. Apart from images, videos, text, PDF documents, weather forecast and even entire Websites (HTML), the optional Calendar Plugin makes it possible to also display calendars, room occupancy plans (e.g. for meeting rooms), appointments, schedules and all sorts of timetable-related data in an easy and convenient way!

The data sources can be from an Excel file, an ICS file (e.g. Google Calendar or iCal), a Microsoft Exchange server / Office 365, a SharePoint server or a Lotus Domino server, which can then be managed directly using clients such as Outlook or Lotus Notes.

The way the data is displayed on the screen can be fully customized: Besides different visualization types such as a table/grid view, a digital door sign and a calendar view (day, week or month), you can, for example, apply room and time filters to only display appointments for a specific room or a specific time frame (perfect for digital door signs, room signage, wayfinding, in-building navigation and visitor navigation!). Additionally, the visual appearance can be modified according to your preferences, e.g. font style, color and background design. The layout fits for screens that are mounted either portrait or landscape. Due to the built-in paging support of the table/grid view, it is also possible to display a large number of appointments, even on small screens - perfect for showing conference programs or data from room booking systems in foyers and lobbies!

The Calendar Plugin for the FrontFace digital signage software is the perfect choice when you need to display "live" data like appointments, room occupancy plans, schedules, calendars or timetables on a digital screen. The solution suits the needs of hotels, meeting places, convention centers, training centers, trade fairs and museums basically anywhere that up-to-date appointment-related data and information need to be shown.

Keep it simple: Compatible with standard hardware!
You can install FrontFace on any normal Windows PC (running Windows 10 or 11), e.g. a mini PC, and use it with any screen or TV. Alternatively, FrontFace and the Calendar Plugin can also be installed on Android systems (e.g. Android TV)! Setting up a server or configuring the firewall is not necessary with FrontFace. The installation and provisioning of FrontFace is easy and very simple!

The perfect software for room occupancy plans, schedules, timetables, calendars, reception screens and room overviews:

FrontFace Calendar Plugin

The Calendar Plugin: A plugin does the job!

The room occupancy plan and schedule feature is available as a plugin for FrontFace. This has the advantage that you can integrate calendar data from room occupancy plans, schedules and timetables into your FrontFace playlists like any other content (e.g. pictures, videos, Websites, text, PDFs, etc.). You can also split your screen to show multiple content elements on the same page!
In addition, the full feature set of FrontFace is available to you such as RSS news tickers, scheduling of content, and more!

FrontFace Digital Signage Software

FrontFace: The Universal Digital Signage Software

FrontFace is a powerful universal digital signage software that can be used for a large variety of different applications, e.g. digital shop window advertising, reception displays, information screens or waiting room TV for medical surgeries. It includes the FrontFace Assistant management application which is very intuitive to use and extremely easy to install. Thanks to the flexible plugin interface, specialized functionality like a room occupancy plan can easily be integrated!

Data Sources for Calendars on Digital Signage Screens

Calendars: Excel, ICS, Office 365, Outlook/Exchange or Lotus Notes!

Since the displayed data comes from an Excel file, an ICS file (e.g. Google Calendar or iCal), a Microsoft Exchange Server (Outlook) / Office 365 Exchange Online, a SharePoint server or a Lotus Domino Server (Lotus Notes), any updates or changes (like new appointments or room reservations) can be applied instantly without having to use an extra piece of software. Not only can multiple screens be kept up to date with the FrontFace software, but several employees can also make changes centrally or decentrally!