FrontFace Digital Signage Software

Today, every retailer can profit from digital signage: retail shops, pharmacies, hairdressers, travel agencies, restaurants or real estate brokers, because a digital display in the shop window or inside your store catches a lot attention from the people in the street. The good news is that the required technologies such as large flat screens/TVs and computing hardware have become so cheap that today really everyone can afford this highly efficient marketing tool! But putting a display and a common PC into the shop window is not enough. Even running an easy-to-create PowerPoint show is often not enough due to missing features such as scheduling, news ticker, weather forecasts, etc. And last, but not least, consider the usability challenges (think of manually updating content, etc.).

What you need to be successful is an easy-to-use but yet powerful digital signage software product such as FrontFace. This software controls the content that is shown to the passers-by and helps you to catch more attention with stunning visual effects and many other powerful features. Always be seen – even if your shop is closed after hours or on the weekend!

Money-Saver: You can install FrontFace on any existing Windows PC (Windows 10 or 11) or Android device/TV and use any low-cost flat screen or TV as the screen!

The Flexible Software for Affordable and Professional Digital Shop Window Advertising:

FrontFace supports any kind of media

Display Media of any Format

FrontFace can display any kind of media format, no matter whether you want to display text, pictures, photos, PDFs, videos, news tickers, live TV or even entire Web pages (HTML). A free weather widget for displaying the current weather conditions plus a 3-day forecast is also included. But really the best feature is that you can use ANY Windows application that is capable of printing for producing high quality HD content for your display. Use PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc. to create content for your playlists. Stick to the tools you are used to without having to invest in learning how to use a new, complex design application!

Content Management System (CMS)

Convenient Content Management

Controlling display content is super-easy with FrontFace. The software comes with a special application called FrontFace Assistant which you can install for free on any Windows PC. It allows for composing and controlling content and playlists for your display(s). You can use schedules for running time-controlled playlists or display ad hoc content! Working with the intuitive FrontFace Assistant is so easy that even untrained users can work with it hassle-free. Screens can be updated instantly while the software is running either using a local network connection (LAN or WiFi) or a USB flash drive (offline update).

Digital Screens for Real Estate Agencies

Ideal for Real Estate Agencies

Especially for real estate agencies and brokers, FrontFace is the most interesting digital signage software that is currently available! In order to advertise certain real estates from your portfolio on the screen, you do not have to manually design a fact sheet or overview. Simply use your existing summaries that have been created for print out from your real estate management software. Thanks to the unique Print2Screen feature, it is possible to create high-quality display content with ANY application that is able to print. Apart from that, you can of course also integrate video content, photos and existing PDF documents (also multi-page documents) into your playlists with ease!