Publishing over the Internet (Cloud) on Android devices

If you want to publish over the Internet, you must first install the corresponding app of a cloud storage service of your choice on the PC with the FrontFace Assistant and on the Android device (for example, Dropbox, OneDrive, OwnCloud, etc.).

Open the FrontFace Assistant and select the "Cloud Storage Service (Internet)" publishing method in the "Player" section for your player and enter the path to the local publishing folder that is syncing to the cloud (e.g. C:\...\Dropbox\FrontFace\).

On the Android device, the synchronized files must then be made available locally/offline in the file system so that the FrontFace Player App can access them at any time.

This "offline files" feature is often only available in paid versions of various cloud storage service apps (e.g. Dropbox). However, there are free synchronization apps (e.g. "Dropsync - Autosync for Dropbox"), which then synchronizes the files with a Dropbox and stores them locally on the device. Pay attention to the synchronization interval (e.g. every 10 minutes).

After you have installed the app, you have to define the folder pair: 1. folder in the Dropbox and 2. local folder in the file system of the Android device. Then open the maintenance menu of the FrontFace Player App and enter the path to the local folder as "Publishing Folder". Finally, start the FrontFace Player App and the published content will be displayed and newly published content will be updated automatically (depending on the update interval set). A manual restart of the player app is not necessary!

Last modified: 2020-12-08 11:02