How are the optional plugins for FrontFace products being licensed?

Pricing information for the optional plugins that are available for FrontFace can be found on our Web page in the section "Price Information". Simply click on "Buy Now!" or "Quotation". The price table for the plugins is then shown below the shopping cart.

Plugins are licensed per customer, not per player PC / kiosk PC. That means that you only have to buy a plugin once and can then use it with all FrontFace licenses you own.

We also offer free trial versions of all plugins that you can download. To do so, simply go to the "Download" section on the Web page. The trial versions are fully-functional but contain a watermark.

If you already own FrontFace licenses and want to purchase a plugin, please log into your customer account to place your order. After the order process, has been completed you can also download the full version of the plugin in your customer account.

Last modified: 2019-03-15 10:21