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How can a hardware-bound license be transferred to another player PC / kiosk PC?

In case of the hardware bound license the activation code, a unique "finger print" of the player PC / kiosk PC, is used to activate the license so that it gets explicitly bound to that PC and cannot be used on different PCs. In case you want to install FrontFace on further player PCs / kiosk PCs, you need additional licenses.

However, there are some cases where either the hardware of the player PC / kiosk PC has changed which can render the license key unserviceable or if the entire player PC / kiosk PC needs to be replaced. In such a case, you can issue a new license key for free* and transfer the license to the new PC.

To do so, please log into your customer account.

Select the license key that needs to be replaced and click on "Transfer license to another PC" and follow the instructions.

Please keep the activation code at hand, that is shown when you start the FrontFace player app on the new hardware.


*) If you are not eligible to obtain free updates and support any more, you can either renew your updates and support period or we can simply issue a new license key for you. For this, we charge a service fee of $40 USD per license. Please contact support for details.

Notice: If you plan to change your hardware quite frequently (e.g. if you are using the software on trade shows, etc.), please make sure that you choose the portable license instead of the hardware-bound license upfront which does not require activation!

Last modified: 2021-03-11 15:08
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