How can I download the full version or updates of FrontFace?

The download links of the full version and your license keys can be found in the customer account section on our Website.

Download of Full Versions, Updates and Plugins:
Please download the latest installation package of the full version of FrontFace as well as any plugins you have purchased from the "Licenses & Downloads" section. Here, you can also download future updates and new versions once they are released.

Install the full version on the players/kiosks systems for which you have purchased the licenses. In addition, the FrontFace Assistant can be installed on as many PCs as you want using the same installation package (activating these installs is NOT required!).
In case you want to update an existing installation, simply execute the installation package on all player/kiosk systems and on those PCs where you have installed the FrontFace Assistant; the configuration of your existing installation will remain. The same also applies if you have currently installed a trial version and want to upgrade this installation to the full version. When installing the full version “over” the trial version, your configuration will also remain!

Activation of a Hardware-bound License (with License Key):
When you start the FrontFace Player App, you see a notice that tells you that you are currently using an unlicensed full version of the product. The dialog also shows an activation code for this player/kiosk. Enter the activation code in the customer account in the “Licenses & Downloads” section to generate the license key for the specific kiosk/player. Once you have entered that license key in the player app, the product is activated and can be used.

Activation of a Portable License (with USB Dongle):
Before you start the FrontFace Player App, simply plug the USB license dongle into the player/kiosk PC and wait until Windows has detected the new device. After that, the software is activated and can be used as a licensed, full version for as long as the dongle remains plugged in.

For more information and details regarding the activation process, please see the user manual that is supplied with the product.

Last modified: 2021-10-25 12:16