How many screens can be connected to a player PC?

Generally speaking, you can connect as many screens as you want to a player PC as long as the graphics adapter offers the required number of interfaces. There are special graphics cards that support up to 10 screens at a time that can all be addressed individually. FrontFace allows you to display the same or different content on the connected screens.

This allows you to address multiple screens with FrontFace and using only a single player PC. It is important to note that the more screens you use with a single player PC, the more computing power you will require in order to get smooth animations and consistent video playback! Otherwise the playback performance of multimedia content may be affected. Therefore, dedicated player PCs are generally used for every screen – especially when these screens are located at several separate locations at the site.

All screen resolutions and orientations (landscape/portrait) are fully supported, incl. Full HD and 4K.

In addition to that you can use FrontFace to control video walls that are composed of multiple segments (screens). This requires a special graphics card and a special driver (e.g. Eyefinity by AMD).

Last modified: 2019-03-15 10:37