The content on the screen appears either cut off or there is a black border around it.

In case the picture on the screen appears cut of even if the FrontFace software is not running (for testing, just open a Windows Explorer window and maximize it), you have to adjust the settings of your screen and/or your graphics card driver.

If you connect to your screen using HDMI and the picture is not positioned correctly, you have to manually adjust the so called "underscan" or "overscan" values. This option is usually included in the settings dialog of your graphics card driver. Some screens also offer this option in their onscreen menu.

If the desktop is fully shown but the content within FrontFace playlists appear cut off, you have to adjust the "stretching" of that content object (e.g. an image) in the playlist in the Assistant. Please click on the content object in the FrontFace Assistant to open the properties dialog and select the desired stretching option. Which option you have to choose depends on the aspect ratio of your content and how you want to display it. For more details, please see the section "Media Objects" in the PDF user manual.

Last modified: 2021-12-13 16:31