How can the log files of FrontFace be viewed?

FrontFace, by default, writes log files to the following location:


The file name of the log of the FrontFace Player App is "FrontFace Player.log.txt" and the file name of the log of the FrontFace Assistant is "FrontFace Assistant.log.txt".

If configured, a copy of the log file of the FrontFace Player App for Windows is also available in the "\Backlink\" folder of the publishing folder. The easiest way to access the log is using the "Player Status" in the menu section "Players" of the FrontFace Assistant.

Alternatively, you can also launch the FrontFace Lockdown Tool (if installed) from the Windows start menu and access the log files directly from within the "System Information" menu section. This section also gives you access to the "Event Log" of Windows which contains helpful diagnosis information in case of severe errors or application crashes. The Windows Event Log can also be accessed outside the FrontFace Lockdown Tool by pressing WINDOWS+R and entering "eventvwr.msc /c:Application".

On a FrontFace Android Player, you will find the log file in the maintenance menu. Here you have the option of exporting the log file directly to a USB stick. The file is written to the following directory on the USB stick: "Android\data\mirabyte.FrontFace.Android.Player\files\log"

If you see the error message E-FPW-1012 on the screen, please check the log file as this is a generic error message with more detailed information in the log.

Last modified: 2023-12-08 11:03