After a hardware-bound player license has been activated correctly, a message suddenly appears that the license has not been activated.

The hardware-bound license generates a "fingerprint" of the player device on which the license is to be used: the so-called activation code. Based on the activation code the license key is generated, which then only activates FrontFace on the player device with the corresponding activation code.

If there are changes to the hardware (e.g. a new hard drive, changes to the network adapters, the CPU or other elementary components), the activation code may also change. In this case, the license must be reissued with the new activation code (see transferring a license key).

Other reasons can also be Windows updates, especially so-called "feature updates" with serious changes to Windows 10 or the transition from a 32-bit Windows version to a 64-bit version. Since the information about the hardware that is used to determine the activation code is provided by the operating system, serious changes to the operating system can also, in extreme cases, lead to a subsequent change to the activation code. In this case, reactivation is also required here.

Notice: In certain cases, if multiple network adapters are installed in a PC (e.g. wired and Wi-Fi), and one of these adapters has been deactivated, it can happen that Windows reactivates the deactivated adapter automatically during a feature update. In this case, please test whether deactivating the adapter again already solves the problem with the activation of FrontFace. Otherwise, the license key needs to be reissued.

Alternatively, a portable license can be used, which is provided in the form of a USB dongle. The hardware components of the player have no impact on this type of license. Therefore, with a portable license, the license can also be used on another player device by plugging it in.

Last modified: 2023-04-06 09:21