How can updates be obtained and what is the pricing?

When purchasing a FrontFace license, new customers receive all updates, new versions and our technical support free of charge for one year from the date of purchase!

After this period, you can choose whether you want to extend your updates & support period for an additional year or not. If you do not extend you will still be able to use your existing license(s) without any further costs (see additional information).

However, we highly recommend extending your updates & support period so that you will be eligible to get the latest updates, bug fixes and also our technical support in case you need help.

By logging into the customer account section you can purchase the renewal of your updates & support period directly or request a written quote. Apart from a renewal for just a single year you can also choose a convenient, annual subscription plan (which can be canceled at any time!).

The annual cost of updates & support depends on the total number of your FrontFace licenses you hold.

The pricing for updates & support for up to 30 licences can be found on our website.

For major customers that hold more than 30 licenses we have separate, individual enterprise plans for maintenance and for obtaining additional licenses.

Last modified: 2024-04-11 11:28